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What is Liposculpt?

Liposculpt is a 12 week course, which includes one treatment approximately every 28 days.

We only use clinically proven and FDA approved treatments. Our course includes Cryolipolysis, High Frequency Ultrasound, and Lipojection injections of Aqualyx.

What Must I Do?

You will need to visit our clinic once a month. You need to follow a bespoke calorie controlled diet plan created especially for you. You need to follow a bespoke exercise plan created especially for you four times a week. You will need to take our diet supplements daily to speed up your metabolism and aid fat loss.

How Are Our Results Guaranteed?

Our course only uses clinically proven fat sculpting and fat dissolving treatments.

We combine these treatments with a healthy diet and exercise plan during a twelve week course so that results are maximised.

We find that we can make simple changes to our customers lifestyles and diet to create general fat loss so results are maximised and enhanced.

We have personal trainers, dieticians, and health specialists who are on hand to support and mentor our customers whilst they are between treatments.

What Are Our Treatments?

We include four clinic based treatments. We space each treatment approximately 28 days apart. We do this so that your body has time to naturally excrete the fat cells.

What Happens Between Treatments?

We maximise and enhance clinic results by creating a bespoke diet and exercise plan for you to follow over the 12 week course. We also provide daily supplements and ongoing support.